New Polymer Science

VOID is a specialty polymer company. We are pioneering a new discipline in polymer engineering where nano and micro-structures are designed into polymers to tailor and enhance performance.

We believe that this will lead to a new generation of high performance products.

Lightweight Without Compromise

VO+ is a polymer engineering technology that creates cellular structures in polymers. VO+ offers a new range of superior functionalities, including the ability to reduce weight by up to 50% while enhancing strength and toughness.

This means today’s products can now be made using half the material.


VO+ engineers polymer performance to meet specific requirements. Custom formulated additive packages are added to a base polymer during extrusion.

The VO+ enabled polymer is then oriented to create unique micro and nano voided structures.

To date, VO+ has been successfully demonstrated in PE, PP, PET, and PLA in a variety of production processes and product formats.

VO+ is a scalable technology, processed using conventional manufacturing equipment.



50% Lighter 50% Lighter
Superior Toughness Superior Toughness
Improved uctility Improved Ductility
Enhanced Insulation Enhanced Insulation
Breathable Barrier Breathable Barrier
Sustainability Advantages Sustainability Advantages

About Us

VOID was formed in 2015 to commercialise VO+ technology. We are headquartered in London with our R&D team based in Neenah, Wisconsin.

VO+ was invented and patented by Kimberly-Clark Corporation and licensed exclusively to VOID.

We are already working with market leading companies to develop a new generation of VO+ enabled products.